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What inspired me to start this blog?

Well, it all began in the shower, as do most of my best ideas 

Have you ever spent your limited quality time on the weekends reading articles from popular online blogs or reading the 100+ newsletter emails piling up in your email inbox? Me neither. In fact, according to an article I had read earlier, as of 2021, there are over 570 million blogs (and counting) on the internet, based on activities reported by WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, and Medium. To supplement that rather intimidating fact, running a blog these days is less about curating quality content and more about niche shopping, SEO optimization, ad monetization, social media marketing and so on. So what’s a guy like me doing in an aesthetically pleasing jungle like this? Thanks for asking.

When I was growing up, most of my cognitive learning came from books, DVDs, VCDs, Lego & Mechanix sets, mechanical tinkering and storytelling. And although my dream was to build a website in college, that was a road not taken, and to quote Robert Frost, ‘that has made all the difference’. To cut a long story short, there were ‘a series of unfortunate events’ (see what I did there) that raised several existential questions within me, which most ‘popular’ blogs in the related genre could not answer. In fact, if I had a Naira for every occasion where Wiki-How ended up leaving me more lost at the end of each reading, I’d be able to help that Nigerian prince who emailed me a while ago about a tax-free investment that his life depended upon. Poor Prince Adeola Jr.

Jokes aside, as somebody who immersed himself into a 2-year study of the Christian Faith (since 2019), I have seen more hope in Jesus than any other hobby, vice or addiction that I have ever engaged in. In fact, looking at the Covid pandemic’s impact on the entire world today, we need that kind of peace and hope more than ever before. For most of the folks I know, it’s tough to even get through a single day without feeling the pangs of depression or hopelessness. And that’s where I got the idea for this blog. My goal for this website is not only to direct you to our source of persevering hope and inexplicable joy at the base of a bloodied cross on Calvary, but to write articles that would help you smile through those tough days where a tub of Milano ice cream and a spoon would not cut it.


On that note, welcome to the Expresso Cat and remember, do not eat yellow snow.

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Who am I?

Welcome to The Expresso Cat!

If someone were to ask me to introduce myself, I’d start by pointing to this scrap-art sculpture. While some focus on the mangled, barely functional and hilariously flawed creation, I personally admire the artistic, intellectual and benevolent Creator who fine-tuned this sculpture into existence; ensuring the perfect combination of balance, structural integrity and resemblance to its real-life counterpart.

Drawing a parallel to reality, although I am not mangled and prefer the adjective ‘semi-functional’ instead, I do concede to being hilariously flawed, with the personality of Dory from Finding Nemo. And if it wasn’t already clear from my earlier metaphor alluding to God’s creation of humankind, well, I believe in Jesus. Although I am going to focus on a variety of topics apart from Christianity and my own walk in faith, their underlying themes might have indirect or even direct hints of Biblical philosophies, practices and doctrine, for who says that they can’t intertwine?

Want to know more about me or why I chose the Expresso Cat as my nom de plume? Well, hit the link below to find out more!