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'Unravelling the Truth About Christ, One Wave At A Time'

Welcome Aboard! 

We are an international crew of Christians living on a private Discord server, focused on creating a modern and open-minded community of believers who are not afraid to share the unadulterated Gospel, as well as ask the questions that most churches do not want to answer, because they fear being 'cancelled' or being put in an awkward spot.

Not us. Not today. Take off your shoes, hoist your sails and let's begin this journey of discovery together, while we attempt to unravel and uncover the Love of a Carpenter from Nazareth, and why He should matter to us today, in a world that lives for tomorrow. 

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Want to be a part of our community?

We'd love for you to join our energetic squad of Wavers!

We are a community based on Discord, although most of our sessions would temporarily take place over Google Meets. We have folks coming in from India, Nepal, Dubai, and counting! 

Hit the link below to know more and join our Discord Community!

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